Welcome to our new Forest Green Man Lavender Products website! 

Our lavender shop has moved to downtown Naramata! We are now located at 126 Robinson Avenue, where we still offer our hand made, high-quality lavender products for bath and kitchen uses along with French linen and other decorative items. 

We no longer own the Naramata lavender farm and it has been decommissioned. However, we do have another, smaller, private farm in Naramata, were we grow approx. 400 plants of the varieties that we need for our products. We have also added a bit of "new stuff" to our selection, such as lavender chocolate, bubble baths, and a line of hand-made rosewater products. My original landscape paintings are also still available. 

Sadly, we won't be able to open at the beginning of May as we had planned and I don't have a date for when this can happen just yet. If you would like to shop for your favourite items, please give me a call at (250) 488-8365 and we can make an appointment for a physically distanced, all sanitized shopping experience. 

Thank-you to all for your continued patronage and support!

Follow us on Facebook under <https://www.facebook.com/forestgreenman> for product and opening hour updates and on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/forestgreenmanlavender/ where we like to just generally update about our silly life. 



Karolina and Doug

The "Green Man" is usually represented as a stylized face made up of leaves and branches — the Celtic spirit of nature, an ancient symbol, representing growth, fertility and renewal. He appears in many cultures. He dies in the winter and is reborn in the spring and we are convinced that he’s out there, somewhere, amongst fruit trees, vegetables and lavender fields....


to watch our ancient interview with Sandy Dawson in June/09 from CHBC-TV, and
to watch Richard resurrect the old MF 35 tractor!
These are both relics from our times on the farm and will give you a bit of an idea where it all started.



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